About OTB Elite

What is OTB Elite?

Over The Boards (OTB) Elite is a premium addition to the Over The Boards main website. At Over The Boards, we scout some of the best amateur prospects in hockey. When we do so, those scouting reports will be placed here. A few scouting reports will remain as free content, while the rest will be filed into the full Over The Boards Elite Player Database. The 2015-16 scouting season for OTB Elite begins with the STX 68 in August.

How much does a membership cost?

Regularly, a six month subscription costs $55, with annual memberships priced at $95. Monthly subscriptions are currently available for $19.50. You can manage your subscription at TinyPass.

Database includes access to all scouting reports, as well as some other complimentary OTB Elite-only features, such as rankings and more. We will also be releasing most Over The Boards public scouting content here first to give our subscribers early access. We reserve the right to change the price for any of our features at any time, but we will never change the price on your active subscription.

What if I don’t want to join OTB Elite?

If you aren’t interested in subscribing, we will be releasing a number of our more-sought-after scouting reports individually, and while still very affordable, they will nowhere near match the value of an Elite membership. Those scouting reports will be released on Over The Boards. However, you will not receive access to the updated reports on specific players, should they get updated. Many player reports will get updated in time.

Where are the players from?

You can check to see the leagues or players we feature at any time. The only part of the database without public access are the player’s scouting reports, rankings, and upcoming events page. Names, team, birth-year, height, and weight are all listed publicly, and are searchable from our search bar at the top right. We will include teams they have committed to in the future, be they in Major Junior, Europe or Scholastic hockey, tagged at the bottom, once we update a player’s report.

How in-depth are the reports?

As you can imagine, a database this expansive is not going to break down every aspect of a players game. To do that, the player pool would be shallow by necessity and the price would be prohibitive.

Instead, we work to provide a survey of all potential top prospects in the country, and thus some reports contain a few notes, while others (typically our more highly-regarded prospects) contain a number of paragraphs with extensive detail.

The positive aspect of doing it this way is that we can make it clear who we are tracking. If we see the team again, be it a few weeks later or at the end of the season, we will add a new viewing. Even a few months in, it is going to be extremely valuable (and cool) to see the progression of some of the prospects documented here.

Is there a way I can follow updates to the database?

Every single scouting report update is tweeted live. Toss our official @OTBElite account a follow if you want real-time updates to the database.

Is there a referral program?

Yes. If you are a current or past subscriber and you refer a friend who recently subscribed for six months or longer, you both get six months access for free. After you’ve subscribed, e-mail us here with the e-mail address you used to subscribe, and then CC the e-mail address of the person who referred you. You can refer more than one person, and we will simply stack the months for the referrer. For example, four referrals is two years of free access for you.

What’s the deal with the Monochrome logo?

The monochrome logo (click here) is synonymous for OTB Elite. It encompasses our player scouting efforts and talent evaluation half. The blue logo (here) is for amateur hockey content from our main site, found here.

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